Maidodo Led Power Supply

Bedeutung der Stromversorgung für die Anlagensicherheit

Large capacity and a high-quality capacitor are the keys to ensuring the high-quality output of the power supply. The main capacitor of our constant current power supply uses Taiwan Gemcon 400V 10 μF high-quality capacitor, with a maximum working temperature of 105 ℃ for more than 5000hr, providing a stable current for your LED equipment For different power LED devices, there are Multiple kinds to choose from

What is the impact of LED power supply on the service life of LED equipment?

Know the Causes and Remedies !

A ripple effect is an electric isse first detected in LED lights and refers to the sudden flickering of the light output. Ripple effects happen when electricity suppliers reduce the amount of energy they are sending to a certain geographical area.

This happens in an attempt to offset on-peak demand for electricity and the capacity of the grid to accommodate and supply power.

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