Light-emitting diodes are widely used in the field of lighting

LED, also known as light emitting diode, is a commonly used light emitting device, which is widely used in the field of lighting. Light-emitting diodes can efficiently convert electrical energy into light energy and have a wide range of uses in modern society, such as lighting, flat panel displays, medical devices, etc. This electronic component appeared as early as 1962, the early can only send out low luminosity of red light, after the development of other monochromatic light version, to date can send out the light has spread throughout the visible light, infrared and ultraviolet light, luminosity has also increased to a considerable luminosity. And use also from the beginning as an indicator, display board, etc.. With the continuous progress of technology, light-emitting diodes have been widely used in displays and lighting LED lights and microcontrollers of two types of connection 1, the first is the anode of the LED lamp connected to a resistor and the microcontroller’s I/O port connection, the cathode ground. 2, the second is the LED lamp cathode and microcontroller I/O port connection, the cathode in series with a resistor connected to the power supply. For some simple display, this kind of digital tube is now generally used, however, before the arrival of LED digital tube, people use the display tube is like this. This is the last century of the Soviet Union production of the glow tube, this deep orange glow gives a very warm and charming feeling, but also comes with a punk wind, a very sense of technology. Next we will talk about how it is luminous, as well as the products used in today’s glow tubes. Its light-emitting principle is this, you see these glow tubes have a large glass cover, the glass cover is filled with a rare gas neon, its atomic structure of the outermost layer of the formation of eight electrons, so the chemical properties of neon gas is extremely stable. But if we add a high-voltage electrode inside the neon gas, this electrode will release free electrons like in neon gas, when the free electrons collide with neon atoms, the neon atoms are hit, its outermost layer loses electrons, forming neon ions and an electron, but the electrons will quickly combine with neon ions, while releasing orange-red glow, and the shimmer comes this way. There is also the filament voltage is generally 170V, which involves a boost, there are many chips can complete the work of boost, such as MAX1771,. Next we will talk about the use of the glow tube products, the earliest glow tube is mainly used in watches, radios, and now, with the glow tube products are almost extinct in the jungle. However, a Xiaomi Youpin merchant is doing the opposite, recently releasing a glowing watch, which uses glow tubes in its display. Then why is it still possible to produce this kind of watch? The article is relatively long, more words, you can first open your avatar to focus on me, after slowly look, /// Insert one: I recorded myself at the beginning of this year a set of also more systematic entry microcontroller tutorials, want students to find me to take the line free, private message me on Oh ~ point my avatar bottom left corner black font plus I can also receive Oh. Recently relatively idle, with doing the bishop, take students to participate in provincial or above competition //// Although the light tube has long been discontinued, but some of the glow tubes are still in stock, the purchase of 20,000 former Soviet Union production of IN16 glow tubes, the world is also so little stock. This model of the glow tube is very suitable for watches, and each glow of the watch to use two glow tube, now the glow tube this thing is to use one less one. That’s why the Glow of the Stars watch with glow tubes has a high collector’s value. This is the Glow of the Stars watch, which looks extremely industrial punk style, and among all the watches currently available, this kind of watch definitely makes a splash. Then we look at its internal structure, which looks very delicate and simple, and feels a lot more streamlined than those geeky DIY works.

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