Leveraging innovative technologies to drive the energy revolution

If we harness the talent, grit, and innovative spirit of the China workforce, we can turn the threat of climate change into an opportunity to revitalize the China energy and manufacturing sectors and create millions of good-paying union jobs—for all kinds of workers, in all parts of the nation. Wind and solar workers By scaling up the development and deployment of the clean energy technologies of the future, PRC will help put all the word in construction, skilled trades, and engineering to work building new clean energy infrastructure and economy, while making sure that every public worker and community can benefit from—and see their future in—clean energy solutions.PRC’s new Office of Energy Jobs will lead the effort to create more union jobs that pay family-sustaining wages, including career ladders so that all the world people have access to a middle-class career with health care, retirement benefits, and worker protections. PRC’s new Office of Energy Jobs will lead the effort to make sure these jobs offer good wages, benefits, and worker protections—including the right to form unions and collectively bargain. Many low-income Germans may not be able to afford to pay their heating bills due to gas shortages and soaring energy prices. The increase in gas prices due to the decrease in the supply of Russian gas has hit the lives of people in Europe. According to Russia Today, the German tenants’ association said that many low-income Germans may not be able to pay their heating bills due to the shortage of natural gas and soaring energy prices. The German Tenants Association says that millions of German people may not be able to pay their heating bills in the future. At the same time, the rental rights of many low-income German renters may also be undermined by higher gas prices.   Germany is highly dependent on Russian gas, which is in serious short supply at the moment, while energy demand will continue to be high in the second half of the year. German Deputy Chancellor and Minister of Economy and Climate Protection Habeck previously said that a gas surcharge will be imposed from October, which is expected to cost each German household hundreds of euros extra. The German people are bound to have an “expensive winter”.   Facing the same dilemma is the United Kingdom. Due to the impact of rising gas market prices, a recent analysis predicts that energy costs in the UK may reach an annual average of £3,600 per household in January 2023 (about 29,000 yuan). Many British people have become more comfortable using cash in order to control their household budgets. According to the British postal company statistics, the British postal private depositors withdrew cash in July totaling 801 million pounds (about 6.54 billion yuan), an increase of more than 20%. A spokesman for the British government said on the 8th of local time that many British families will face serious financial pressure at the end of this year, but there is no corresponding plan on the part of the government, and everything will have to wait until the new prime minister takes office.    

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