The introduction and development prospect of smart home

1, Preface
With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standard, the artificial intelligence family has been booming in recent years, and the smart home has also entered many families. However, the current market pricing of smart home is generally high, and the general public may not be able to afford it, so many people do not know much about it, so there is no way to enjoy the fun and convenience brought by smart home. So I will write this article to briefly introduce the smart home and its development prospects, hoping to bring some small knowledge to people who want to understand the smart home.

2, What is smart home?
In short, it is a home as a platform, using integrated wiring technology, network communication protocol technology, security prevention technology, automatic control technology, video and audio technology to home related facilities, integrated to build an efficient residential facilities and family schedule affairs management system, to enhance home security, convenience, comfort, artistry, and to achieve environmental protection and energy saving living environment.
This may be a bit obscure, but the general idea is to use some existing technologies to achieve high-tech means and functions to automate home devices. For example, if you’re in a smart home and you don’t want to get up and walk to turn off the living room lamp when you’re ready to go to bed, then you can just say it by voice or use the mobile app to turn it off.

3,Smart Home Development Prospects
Futurist Wolf Ronson once said, “After the era of farming, industry and electrification, human beings will enter a new society concerned with dreams, spirituality and life interest.” Yes, smart home is indeed a boom now, and one of the hot topics in society, which can bring a lot of convenience and experience to people’s lives, and also attract many enterprises to compete for a share in the intelligent market. However, as mentioned earlier, because the cost is relatively high, and the current lack of novelty in intelligent products, homogenization is obvious, some of the so-called features are not some chicken ribs, and can not hit the rigid needs of people.
So a simple summary of the development prospects: technology will become more and more advanced, practicality is becoming stronger and stronger, people are more and more eager to have, smart home will then be a transformation process from potential rigid demand to just demand.

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